Frequently Asked Questions About Fencing


Q: Is Fencing Safe?


A: Despite the idea that you are using a sword, Fencing is one of the safest olympic sports, even safer then badminton. Just look at this study put out by the International Olympic Committtee


Q: Is it a "Real" Sport?


A: Yes! It has been in every Modern Olympic Games since 1896, it also requires a high degree of athletiscm, flexibility, and critical thinking skills.


Q: Does it help for College?


A: Yes! It has one of the highest scholarship rates in the NCAA especially for Women. And a great percentage of people who fence during High School go on to fence in College. Check out Scholarship Sports Stats for all the numbers behind the sports.

The likely hood of your child getting a full scholarship while better then most sports is still unlikely, but the big difference is it helps you get into the school of your dreams giving you a giant competitive edge over other applicants.