Consulting Services

Here at KSA we offer consulting services for all Club related business. Looking for advice on how to improve your social media presence and effectivness? Looking to make your tournaments smoother? By being a third party consulting we can offer advice without an agenda inside your club. All we want is for the sport to grow, and the better clubs do, the better the sport does! We work with several companies to provide you the most resources for your dollar.


Some areas we cover


-Tournament procedure, operations, and promotion

-Coaching Development

-One Day Clinics

-Referee Development

-Social Media

-Visbility and Advertising


Rates are dependant upon Travel, Time Requested, Services Requested.


Base Pay $150 per weekday 9-2pm for consultation.

One Day Clinics: 50/50 Split between Coach and Club.

Tournaments: 60/40 Split between Organizer and Club, after expenses.